Looking back on 2014, part 1: the sexiest voice in anime today

Merry Christmas! And as usual, here begins my 12 days of looking back on the year just past…

Nobunaga the Fool, the anime element of Kawamori Shouji’s experimental multimedia project, was a bit of a mess, at least to this viewer. However, there was one thing that kept me watching week after week, no matter how much I found myself rolling my eyes. That, of course, was Nakamura Yuuichi, who I probably should admit has well and truly taken over the top spot on my favourite seiyuu list.

12Days_01_Caesar-1 12Days_01_Caesar-2
The only reason I don’t actually regret watching this show…is him…

Now, the two seiyuu that I follow almost religiously both satisfy certain criteria. Acting skills, range, and personality are all incredibly important to me. However, the one criteria that I’d like to highlight today is the timbre of their voice. Voices that are thin and reedy almost automatically get a thumbs-down from me – they’d have to have a pretty darned amusing personality to compensate if I am to even consider following them. Rather, I like voices that are relatively deep, yet capable of being light and playful. Or, to put it another way, they have to have what I’d consider a sexy voice… You-kyan is actually one of the seiyuu reknown in Japan for having such a voice (an 色気のある声), but even though I’ve swooned over some of his lines over the years, I’ve never actually come across a character that I would say reflects this description at all times.

Until Caesar, that is. Behold:

1. Caesar teasing Mitsuhide about his father complex…


2. Caesar relating the reason for his mask…

Even if you don’t understand exactly what he’s saying, perhaps you can hear what I’m getting at…?

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