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Hm…and I just realised that, if anyone’s been avoiding any news about Aldnoah Zero since the end of the first season, these key visuals are HUGE SPOILERS…so, if you are up-to-date on what’s going on, I’ll see you under the cut!

Now, as most of us should be aware, the final key visual for the second season of Aldnoah Zero was unveiled at the start of the month in Shinjuku. I actually happened to be there several times that week, which made this the first key visual I actually saw on display – I totally missed Slaine’s (though when I looked back through twitter, none of the seiyuu who appear in this post seem to have gone either!) and was out of town for Asseylum’s. And as fans everywhere expected, this final key visual was of Inaho – it’s even confirmed by the Vs/024 + Tx/024 report that was distributed at stores across Japan last Saturday:

The contents of the latest A/Z Report...
The contents of the latest A/Z Report…

The hoohah that the key visual has raised in both the Japanese and English-speaking fandom has been quite amusing, and I may touch on it sometime before the second half starts on January 10. But first, I want to relate how the seiyuu really brightened my day with their shenanigans once again.

They all went to Shinjuku on the afternoon of December 2nd, which also happened to be the only day with blue skies that week. Remember how OnoKen didn’t make it to see Asseylum, which led to Hanae – who’d gone with Murata Taishi (Calm) – teasing him about it? Well, this time, the two seiyuu behind our protagonists went to see it together, which sparked off a fair amount of fun on twitter:

Hanae: ...who the hell are you?
Hanae: …who the hell are you?
Ono: Guys say everything with their backs.
Hanae: No way! Slaine had a second key visual…!?
Ono: Hehehe. …heh?

Komatsu Mikako, who plays Inko, happened to be around there at the same time, and joined in:

Komatsu: Orange… Bat…

And Ono noted with some degree of sadness that:

Ono: I made it this time…(´・_・`)笑

However, the icing on the cake came from Murata Taishi a little bit later that day…

Murata: Inaho…who did you head there with…?!

Oh, Tashiman, they abandoned you!! LOL

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