Phillip Hughes, Happy Birthday, and RIP, 63 not out forever

Since the final key visual for Aldnoah Zero S2 will be unveiled tomorrow, today was the last day for me to finalise and post some thoughts on some of the more controversial aspects of its first season, namely the character of Inaho and the question of who could have believably survived the season finale…

At least, that was what I’d been intending to post. However, earlier this week, a brilliant young player of my favourite sport passed away due to a catastrophic head injury that he received two days earlier. He played mostly after I’d stopped watching (since I had no access to cricket when I was in Japan), but I followed and loved many of the players whose tributes I’ve been reading, and their pain and shock come through all to clearly. This has been a devastating reminder of just how inexplicable life can be: many people are touched by death every day, but we don’t expect it to happen in this way, not in a sport that so many of us consider ‘safe’. And just today, another person passed away due to head injuries similarly afflicted by a freak accident during a match. So I won’t be posting what I prepared, as it can definitely wait. And I’m not sure yet if I will post anything on that question on whose survival is or isn’t believable, for it was just a summary of information I’d posted on the AS forums, and it pales in significance when compared to what has happened. But that’s something I’ll have to ponder another day. For now, on the day that he would have turned 26:

Whilst we will always lament what now never will be,
may your life and achievements always live on.
(image from

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