Aldnoah Zero: ToroKen vs. Hanaho, Round 2!!

Credit: Ono (posted on twitter)
Credit: Ono (posted on twitter). And yes, he’s wearing a ‘Vers jacket’…in the sense that he chose it specifically because it looked like one…

This took place at a talk event (in Ikebukuro, IIRC) on November 15. There was very little new information revealed at the event, just that the dubbing had started for the second season, though apparently Hanae hadn’t heard about it… (^_^;;)

But the fun stuff was fun. They reveal the plot of the “Aldnoah Academy” drama CD (DVD/BD vol. 4) etc, and Hanae and Ono probably set the 90% female audience cheering and swooning with some of their banter in the different talk corners and quizzes. The most amusing one was where they were asked to think of lines that would make the princess happy…

Hanaho (looking up at the sky): Good morning, Seylum. What would you like for breakfast – an omelette roll or scrambled eggs? Let’s have it together.

ToroKen: Princess Asseylum! When will you be returning to Mars? Oh, I see… Well, would you like a bath? Or perhaps dinner? Or would you like…me?*

Hanaho: Not fair!

*This comes from “The three choices for the newly-wed (新婚三択) upon returning home from work.” It’s pretty much a stock, cliched phrase that everyone jokes about nowadays. I’m sure many people have seen or heard variations of it – personally, I think the last time I heard it was on something Macross Frontier-related…AH! yes, it was on the radio show! Bobby ♥♥♥ !!

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