Senyuu: Dammit! More please!!!

Heroes of War...
Heroes of War…

The last time I saw a Yamakan show was the first and last time I’ve ever regretted finishing a noitaminA series (I didn’t end up finishing Samurai Flamenco, so that doesn’t count). As a consequence of the negative reception he received at the time, director Yamamoto Yutaka kept his vow to stop directing, and left the industry…for a while. Whilst I’d normally be rolling my eyes that he went back on his word, I’m actually quite glad he did, for Senyuu was most definitely one of my highlights of yesteryear.

I’m not sure what I can say about Senyuu, as words will never do it justice. Each episode is short, disjointed, and the opening narration is iterated a little too often—admittedly, the creative animation and occasional variation in the script meant that it usually kept my attention nonetheless. Furthermore, the animation was rather simple and flat, not like the high quality CGI that often appears in TV series nowadays.

Senyuu01 Senyuu02
Let me loudly declare my tech—-

However, the series more than made up for it on other fronts. I loved how it was all so tongue-in-cheek, as exemplified by this classic treatment of the biggest shounen cliché of them all. And as I observed late last year, the biggest draw of the series for me was the double act that Alba and Ross had going. But of course, it was really only just one of the two that had my ears pealed—Ross has got to be one of my favourite Nakamura Yuuichi characters ever, what with the sadistic lilt or blasé sing-song tones that he always bullied Alba with. Biased or not, I really think that this is an act that cannot be missed.

Senyuu05 Senyuu04
…I felt completely like Alba did at this point…

There was one frustrating thing about the series, of course, which is that it ended and a continuation in anime form does not appear to be planned. Honestly, please just do it, Yamakan—I’ll pay for it, as soon as I can afford to buy more Blu-Rays!

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