Snapshots: Prisoners and Inside Llewyn Davis

Prisoners Inside-Llewyn-Davis
Another two shows that…well, I won’t be seeing again…

One of the reasons I decided to see Prisoners was Hugh Jackman…the other was that Margaret and David had given it decent scores. In my experience, that’s generally been a good estimator of the quality of a film. And there were things I definitely liked about it, such trying to figure out just who the title referred to. Two characters come to mind, Jackman’s desperate father of one of the kidnapped girls, and Jake Gyllenhaal’s Detective Loki, who’s tasked with finding them. The latter, in particular, was especially unsettling, probably because what drives him is hinted at, but never quite brought into view. On the other hand, a slightly clearly picture was painted of Keller Dover, a father facing his worst fear of failing his daughter just as his father had failed him. Trapped by that image of who he viewed himself as, Dover took the law into his own hands, but to what end? Were his actions futile? That’s what this movie left me pondering.

As with Blue Jasmine a few months ago, my trip to see Inside Llewyn Davis was born partly out of a sheepish realisation that I’d never ever seen a Coen brothers film. Fargo, The Big Lebowski, No Country for Old Men…I’d heard great things about all of these films, but I’ve never made the effort to see them. So when the brothers’ latest piece was screening at the film group I’m with, I decided to take a look.

Unfortunately for me, this wasn’t the best introduction. A quick google search after the screening suggested that this is quite an atypical Coen brothers film, so I would have been better off trying to appreciate this melancholy look at the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961 (not that I’d have recognised it, given my own musical tastes) or even as a contemplative piece about how challenging it can sometimes be to stay true to yourself…or something along those lines. This time, sadly, it really wasn’t the kind of film I wanted to see.

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