Memories of 2013 part 8: the sadness of saying goodbye

The Monogatari series is known for several things, among them a sassiness that fits Shaft’s famous head tilts and copious amounts of fan service that have alienated more than a few viewers. On balance, however, the negatives have always been drowned out by the positives for me; one of those positives was Araragi’s banter with a certain twin-tailed shrimp of a girl.

"I'm sorry, I bit my tongue!"

Overall, I’m happy…because I was able to meet you.


So never did I think a day would come where we would never be able to witness that again. And that’s probably what Araragi thought as well. But once she found her way home, Mayoi’s reluctance to lead anyone astray meant that she became an abnormality, the ghost of a ghost.

Farewell-Mayoi-01 Farewell-Mayoi-02
What are you talking about, Araragi-san? … You can’t choose everyone. You can’t be like an Italian gentleman.

Of course, Araragi wrecked his brains trying to find a way for her to keep hanging around. The only way would have been for her to remain lost with him forever, and of course Mayoi shot him down, because that involved him choosing just her. Instead, she chose to go, grateful for the bonus stage that she had dallied in for two months. Araragi chose to pretend that she was still around, to not to tell anyone else – because none of Gahara-san, Hanekawa or Kanbaru could see her, they’d never know – except for Oshino Ougi, the strange underclassman that appeared in this season. Putting aside what this might lead to in the future (and I honestly don’t know, having slipped behind on the novel spoilers), her departure leaves a hole in his and our hearts.

I loved you, Araragi-san.

Farewell, Hachikuji Mayoi. We loved you too.

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