Memories of 2013 part 7: Musical chairs

Although K-dramas dominated the live-action fair that I partook in this year, a series that hails from the land of my favourite accents also claims a spot on my favourites list for this year. Somewhat strangely, given my obsession with voices and accents, it’s a scene that is known for the wordless claims being staked by the characters involved. I’m speaking, of course, of the meeting of the Small Council in “Walk of Punishment,” the third episode of the third season of Game of Thrones.

There are several other moments of Game of Thrones that I quite like, mostly involving either Arya or Lady Olenna Tyrell. But this scene stands well above them all. Fascinating, it was, to watch Littlefinger clearly aiming for the seat closest to Tywin, with Varys settling for the second and Pycelle content with the third. Cersei, having arrived late, naturally attempts to create for herself a place at Tywin’s right hand. But my favourite reaction is Tyrion’s blatant disregard for the pandering that his fellow Council members exhibit, as he drags a chair to the opposite end of the table. Of course, Tywin was well able to shut his son down shortly after, but it nevertheless remains a spectacle that’s difficult to surpass.

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