Memories of 2013 part 4: Seiyuu jokes in my anime

As always – though it hasn’t been particularly obvious over the last two years, methinks – one of my posts is going to be about my greatest obsession in anime: the seiyuu.

This time, it’s not specifically going to be about my favourites (though I LOVE You-kyan in Senyuu and almost cried when Sakku returned in the Monogatari series), but rather about the little amusing things that only seiyuu fans would notice on a first time watch.

SeiyuuJoke-Shirokuma-01 SeiyuuJoke-Shirokuma-02
That’s Grizzly Mama speaking…with the voice of INOUE KIKUKO…

The first of these occurred quite early in the year, with the classic ‘I’m Inoue Kikuko, and I’m 17′ joke woven so naturally into Polar Bear Cafe (as a Grizzly Bear, 17 years is probably about right). I’ve personally known about this one for years, at least since I listened to the Code Geass Drama CDs where it also showed up – but I don’t even remember how I first found out about it!

The second was one that I didn’t actually register – I face-palmed when someone pointed it out on a forum, because I really should have realised. Care to guess why the following scene of Servant x Service was soooo funny?

SeiyuuJoke-Servant-02 SeiyuuJoke-Servant-01
“So, who is it?” “An actor I don’t know.”

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