Memories of 2013 part 3: Gender bender

I may have to start watching Korean dramas more regularly, so that these moments can appear in the year they were actually broadcast on TV…but for the moment, this will have to do.

Over the last few months, a friend and I started watching K-dramas, partially because I’d wanted to learn some Korean for my studies. Since then, I’ve seen the better part of three dramas, and whilst each of them has had its flaws (two more than the third – or first, as the case may be), each of them has given me an unforgettable memory for the year.

The first that I will talk about comes from Secret Garden, a 2010 comedy about a couple from completely different social stratospheres who end up swapping bodies. (NB: I don’t really consider this a spoiler…because that’s how they marketed the show in the first place!!) And the very first episode where it happened had me quite literally rolling on the floor laughing my head off.

The start of the madness

The start of the madness

Sadly, screencaps and descriptions are never going to be able to convey the sheer hilarity of this one episode. I laughed so hard so many times that I actually had to pause the video to catch my breadth – one of the two friends I was watching this with got pretty annoyed with me for that! But honestly, all I can say is, care to give it a shot?

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