Servant x Service: love and toy rabbits

Craziness exists everywhere in Japan, even in a town hall!

Craziness exists everywhere in Japan, even in a town hall!

Given that Working!! is the show that has had me cracking up the most over the last couple of years, there was no way I’d pass on Servant x Service, the anime adaptation of the other manga that Takatsu Karino is currently working on. And it did not disappoint, at least for this viewer.

Servant09 Servant02
Will his dedication ever be accepted?

Like most series, Servant x Service had elements that everyone loved, and elements that everyone loved to hate. The former was relatively uncontroversial: Lucy and Hasebe captured the hearts of just about every viewer I came across. Lucy, naive but ever so earnest, and plagued with a nightmare of a name and body (I don’t even want to imagine how her back must ache!); Hasebe, brilliant at everything but completely laid back. The bullying that Lucy must have encountered growing up can really explain why she doesn’t value herself much; but whilst her tendency to put herself down was sometimes frustrating, I really appreciated the message that allowed the show to convey, through Chihaya: if you keep putting yourself down, that can become an insult to the people that like and appreciate you for who you are.

Servant05 Servant06
It was very amusing to watch…but still!!

The same idea can be applied to the other couple in the series, Chihaya and Ichimiya. The latter was almost universally detested amongst English-speakers, who simply could not understand what Chihaya saw in him. The hints that she saw him as an older brother figure even led to some questionable comments about her tastes…disregarding the fact that many girls, especially in Asian countries, probably look for partners that have traits that they admire in their own brothers and fathers. (I’m not ashamed to admit that I do – he must be a good cook!! – and I know several others who are probably like that too.) Sure, Ichimiya was rather passive…but at times, I really felt that viewers didn’t try to understand why he had turned out that way. Living in a single parent home, struggling to make ends meet. At 26, Ichimiya had worked at the town hall for 8 years, meaning that he’d started there straight after high school, without ever going to college/uni. Could someone like him ever earn enough to support a wife, much less raise a family? Given that he still has to help put his little through school, I really wasn’t surprised at the low value he placed in himself. But at the same time, I wanted Chihaya to tell him outright that same message she’d told Lucy; even though she said that she had, we never actually saw her say it, so I wonder if she’d always been as vague as suggested by the interactions we did see.

Don't you love office mascots? ...not...

Don’t you love office mascots? …not…

Sadly, Servant x Service ended in a way that makes me think we won’t see another season. We did get some anime-original resolution…but I still consider the manga to be the real ‘canon’, so I’ll definitely be checking it out to see how Takatsu-sensei brings everything to a proper conclusion. But until then, here’s some cosplaying Chihaya to tie us over!

Magical Flower Gerbera Pink!

Magical Flower Gerbera Pink!

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