Ganster Squad: Ryan Gosling…just isn’t my type

Would you buy these guys as gangsters? Hm....

Do you buy these guys as gangsters? Hm….

Sad as it sounds, that’s probably the main thing I took from this film. It’s not his looks, really, though I do prefer dark hair; the deciding factor was his voice, which is definitely a bit high for my liking.

That aside, Gangster Squad was quite a fun caper that was simultaneously a somewhat interesting slice of American and Los Angeles history. By interesting, I mean the fact that it’s based on a real “Gangster Squad” that had been created under LAPD Chief of Police Clemence B. Horrall, and by fun, I’m referring to the action pieces. The feature that usually makes something memorable to me, a philosophical question embedded somewhere in the plot or in character development, simply was nowhere to be found.

In short, not a film I’ll be watching again.

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