Karneval: it’s a seiyuu festival, so let’s talk about seiyuu!

Pretty, wouldn't you agree?

Pretty, wouldn’t you agree?

I tried to think of something interesting to say about this series, but nothing would come to mind. I guess it didn’t help that the small portion that we’ve seen of the story really didn’t have any overarching themes beyond what was shown. In fact, the anime probably ended at a juncture showing just how little of the world we’d been shown – I ended up skimming all the manga chapters that are out, but I’m not sure the anime did enough to convince many other viewers to do the same. Pretty as it is, Karneval seems to be destined to remain a title for the original manga fans. Or for fans of fanservice…fanservice aimed at the fairer sex, that is.

Karneval6 Karneval5
Miyama doing another character with a questionable mental state is always entertaining…

The truth is that the only thing that really kept me watching, week after week, were the seiyuu. There was one name that I almost cringed at upon seeing it in the cast – though I will admit that that particular person has improved on my ears in more recent years. But with a list like Kamiya Hiroshi, Ono Daisuke, Yusa Kouji, Miyano Mamoru and many, many others that I’ve heard to varying degrees over the years, what male seiyuu fan could resist? I’ve always enjoyed being able to pick out a certain voice even before getting to the credits, especially if it involves a seiyuu that I wasn’t able to pick out before. I think I can recognise at least 15 voices quite reliably now: the latest addition being Irino Miyu, whom I did not expect to hear as Episode in the Monogatari Series! So whilst I knew roughly who’d be appearing in Karneval, I’ll admit that I got a few kicks out of identifying who they were without checking the credits!

Just about the only established potential pairing in-series...

Just about the only established potential pairing in-series…

But that other thing I enjoy as a seiyuu fan is paying attention to which other seiyuu they work with. It’s always fun in radio shows and so on when they know each other quite well, but it’s sometimes also entertaining to compare roles in one series to those in another. For Karneval, In particular, I was highly amused by these two characters, Tsukumo and Jiki, voiced by Endo Aya and Nakamura Yuuichi respectively. It’s not that I particularly like the voice that either of them use here, though I thought it was crazy that You-kyan (and Shimono Hiro as Nai) managed to maintain such a high pitch! Rather, it’s that the lady is the one ignoring the gent’s ardent feelings this time. *grins* (I mean, seriously, take a look at page 22 of the 54th chapter of the manga – there’s a heart!!)

I'm not surprised that Tsukumo doesn't seem to care though, to be honest... (^_^;;)

I’m not surprised that Tsukumo doesn’t seem to care though,
to be honest… (^_^;;)

Speaking of the profession though, I’ve been really impressed recently by how they manage to maintain not just one, but sometimes even several, distinct voices over any particular season. 2ch often comes up with a list of the seiyuu with the most roles each season – the heaviest load is usually 5 or 6. Based on what I’ve heard during radio shows, each episode can take several hours to record. Along with radio shows, drama CDs and other commitments, that typically means that such seiyuus are working 5-6 days a week, as a minimum. That said, this doesn’t necessarily mean that seiyuu with a few roles each season are doing very well. Though this article and the discussion it is based on is a few years old, many seiyuu today are probably still supplementing their income with part-time work at some convenience or retail store somewhere. It really is something they do for the love of their craft, and for the most part, it shows.



p.s. speaking of seiyuu and Endo Aya though: many many congratulations to her! She’s gotten married recently – most likely on August 8.

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