Some final comments on Macross Frontier part 5: all good things…

With the 30th anniversary celebrations also drawing to a close, it seemed like just the right time for me to reflect on how far my interest in this series has come, and where it should go from here. Where should I start? I guess the beginning is as good as any…

When I finished watching the Macross Frontier TV series for the first time four and a half years ago, I never thought I’d become this obsessed with it. At the time, the Code Geass ending was the one that really stayed with me (it stuck me so deeply that I still haven’t sorted out my thoughts on it!). In fact, the final episode of Frontier had me ranting over how pointless Michel’s death had been, as the triangle had been left with no formal resolution. That is to say, it drove me nuts that Alto didn’t give a clear verbal indication about who he loved romantically. Like almost everyone else, I thought that his “Both of you are my wings” line indicated that he hadn’t made a decision, meaning that the writers had taken the easy way out. I decided to put away this franchise until the films were released.

But in 2009, for some strange reason, I found myself hooked on Nakamura Yuuichi’s voice. It’s taken me a while to trace it back, but I’ll have to thank Kamiya Hiroshi for this turn of events. A small obsession with HiroC at the time that had me checking out the Macross F radio show as well, from which I got a little taste of how insanely funny You-kyan could be – though HiroC and Nakajima Megumi complemented him very well. This eventually had me checking out Omni’s posts on Random Curiosity and the Macross sub-forum on AS, which I then joined in the lead-up to the cinematic release of the first film, initially to provide information (and correct misinformation) on what Kawamori and co. had shared and were sharing, in the radio shows, in interviews and so on.

In 2011, this all culminated in what I remembered as my favourite anime-related experience of the year. I still remember the giddy feeling walking out of the cinema, whispering “Kawamori-sensei, you did not just do that…!” under my breadth, the isolated week that I spent puzzling out what he wanted us to take from that (which was confirmed by a magazine article a couple of months later), and the gleeful realisation that dawned when I found out about the VF-25 Masterfile and what it meant. Convinced that a particular approach to world building was what Kawamori really wanted us to take from the franchise, and wanting other fans to come to it largely on their own accord, I resolved to find and share as much of the relevant information as I could.

Looking back today, three and a half years after I formally entered the fandom, I’ve spent far more time watching, discussing and reading others’ analyses, and blogging than I could ever have predicted. But now, I am finally ready to wrap up this experience. It’s been an interesting few years, at times frustrating, but mostly entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable, but whilst it will remain a fond memory and an occasional pastime, there are too many other things that I have to do. To those who know what it is, the pledge that I made will be honoured, even if it takes weeks, months or years (though I will endeavour to make sure that it is not the latter!). Nevertheless, the time has come for me to move on, at least until another Macross-related development really tickles my fancy…

All good things must come to an end...


河森先生...少し失礼な言い方をすみません m(_ _ )m でも、いままでのお楽しい時間、ありがとうございました!これからもよろしくね!!


p.s. The record of my Macross obsession will always be found here.

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2 Responses to Some final comments on Macross Frontier part 5: all good things…

  1. Matts says:

    Wonderful wrap-up post, thank you for your dedication and hard work, you did a great service to the fandom and it was a joy to read your posts on the subject! And thanks for the really, really long discussions! (^_^;;) I hope you do well with your future projects!


    • karice says:


      まあ、このポスト自体はフロンティアのことだけを示すんだが、これから何をするか、まだ考え中… それに、公開しないポストとかは時々やるつもりですよ。時間があればね… (^_^;;)


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