The seventh memory of 2012: it’s finally here!!…or not…?

It’s a little strange. If I remember correctly, there were quite a few excited fans when it was finally announced that one of the biggest shows over the past 5 years, Bakemonogatari, was licensed for release in the West.

However, when Bakemonogatari’s official English language release finally hit Crunchyroll in September, to be followed by the Blu-Ray in November, the reaction was rather muted. To put a finer point to it, whilst some crowed and immediately put down their cash for the fully subbed commentary, a few people seem to have been hostile at the lack of a dub track, and the price tag of $150, which in the West is considered rather hefty (my reaction: no wonder it’s $190 – or $150 on sale – for the set!).



The less-than-positive reaction seems to have been focused on these two issues (check out the various ANN and /a/ threads on it), with a third being that the subtitles don’t retain the honourifics (see AS for that)…

Whilst I can understand these reactions, I’m somewhat conflicted. Technically, this hasn’t affected me all that much, for I don’t need to buy it – unless I want to have a look at the subs as a way of improving my own Japanese/translation skills. For that…I am tempted to buy it, even if I already have the Japanese BDs, with Japanese text fully intact in all the openings, endings and episodes. It would also be my way of thanking them for putting all that effort into it. Except that…guess what? It can’t even been viewed on Crunchyroll in my area (and I have a premium pass), much less shipped to where I am. Oh well, problem solved. Aniplex USA definitely isn’t getting my money then.

Nevertheless, quite an exciting discovery, I felt. A bit sad that there’s no longer a need for the commentary to be subbed, but I’m going to enjoy flipping through those commentary scripts anyway ^^)

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