The fifth memory of 2012: the joys and pains of food art

Continuing with the ice cream theme, but on a much lighter note, who could forget the ‘Food Art’ episode of Polar Bear Cafe?

Until this episode, Polar Bear Cafe had been a bit of a hit and miss for me, but this particular gag really hit the nail on the head. It wasn’t just the idea of it, but also the sound effects…sadly, I couldn’t find a clip (and I can’t upload one), but it should really be seen to be believed!

They're so cute!!

They’re so cute!!


But of course...

But of course…

Admittedly, I’ve had to put this series on hold because of the mountain of other things I’ve had on my plate. But with the Autumn season wrapping up and noitaminA going on a break, I’ll hopefully be able to catch up over this festive season…I could use some of the laughs too, I reckon, given all those other things!

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MAG fan, freelance translator and political scientist-in-training. I also love musicals, travel and figure skating!

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