The fourth memory of 2012: Ice cream

Where I live, white Christmases simply don’t exist. Instead, we apparently have surfing Santas and ‘shrimp on the barbie’. (NB: we actually use ‘prawn’ here – ‘shrimp’ was a change made because the tourist ad that made this phrase famous was aimed at Americans… (^^;; )) But of course, being summer, we also indulge in plenty of ice cream, an everlasting beacon of our sun-baked vistas. This is precisely when “I scream; you scream; we all scream, for ice cream.”

After Hyouka’s 5th episode, however, I will never look at ice cream quite the same way again.



As explained in episode five, the title of the show, Hyouka, is an older Japanese term for ice cream (as opposed to the borrowed word ‘ice’ that is used today). Contained within that term, however, were the feelings of a student who was forced to give up his education for peers that not only stood by, but actually created the situation for which he became the scapegoat. It’s a simple message, and one that could have been presented in an overly dramatic way – some would probably say it was. However, having realised what that message was before it had to be spelt out, personally, I found myself speechless at the pain that this one student would have gone through. A young man of just 17, forced to give up his entire future, and for people who would not remember.

This one story really represents most of Hyouka for me. Before the series started its run, its director observed that it was a ‘bittersweet story’ about the efforts and frustrations of growing up. It may not have been the intent of the original author or the director, but to me, that bittersweet taste was encapsulated perfectly in this one story. It was a powerful reminder that sometimes, life can be extremely difficult to face. Thankfully, the series doesn’t end on such a bitter note…but I’ll leave it to you experience that yourself.

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