The third memory of 2012: drums, drums and more drums

From a show that received plenty of flak over its run (but which I quite liked – it does have flaws, but far fewer flaws that most people claim it has, at least in my humble opinion), comes one of my favourite soundtracks this past year. I have a thing for drums, especially the large, deep timbres of those used in orchestras or taiko, so there was simply no way I could hate tracks like


Sawano Hiroyuki was someone I never really paid attention to until this year, but in trying to find out exactly how he composes his music, i.e. whether he uses loops or old-style recording equipment, even whether the drums in this album are timpani (of classical orchestras) or closer to the large Japanese instruments used in wadaiko (the album notes for the Guilty Crown Soundtrack are not particularly forthcoming in this regard), I came across other people praising his compositions for other shows such as Gundam UC. Needless to say, I’ll be paying attention when I finally get around to watching that OVA…

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MAG fan, translator, and localization project manager. I also love musicals, travel and figure skating!

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