The second memory of 2012: the musical number of the year

There were a couple of moments in Kids on the Slope (Sakamichi no Apollon) that I absolutely loved, both to do with music. The first was Sentarou’s drum solo in the first episode, a full one-minute of jazz drumming that rang not only in Kaoru’s ears, but also in the ears of viewers all around the world.

It was just that good.

However, the memory from this show that really stays with me is the medley from the 7th episode. On the soundtrack, it didn’t sound all that enticing, but fully animated, I can think of no other animated musical scene that bears comparison (I won’t elaborate here, but yes, I find it better than the Cat Concerto…). Though I may have a beef with Kanno Youko over how she sometimes doesn’t acknowledge the influence of others on her music, this medley really demonstrates her great musical ability. More importantly, however, it showcases the brilliance and dedication of Watanabe Shinichirou (and his animation team), who turned a great musical piece into an unforgettable five minutes of animation.

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