The first memory of 2012: I will always love karuta, and…

First of all, as usual, Merry Christmas! This has been a strange year for the memories I’ve chosen. Back in 2011, many of the stand-outs were quite distant from Japan, memories that came largely from watching or discussing the series in question. The one exception was the trip to the cinema in February: living the experience is really something on a whole other level. And that holds true even more this year, as a number of posts over the twelve days of Christmas will reveal. Let us begin…with a manga chapter…

Chihayafuru was a series that captured many hearts at the beginning of the year. Most of the people at the places of discussion favoured the pairing I didn’t. But that does not necessarily equate to a negative experience: thankfully, there were plenty of interesting discussions about the characters too, and about the poems of the Ogura anthology. The Chihayafuru anime thread is one of the places on AS that I still remember fondly, and it’s one of the reasons I keep hanging around.


However, the moment from Chihayafuru that really captured my heart this year comes from the last few pages of chapter 92. Depressed at her inability to catch up to Shinobu, and stunned at the ease and happiness with which Arata contested her domination, Chihaya calls the latter and asks him outright: how are you able to smile like that during such an important match? Upon hearing Arata’s reply – that he always returns to the time when he played against her in that old run-down apartment – Chihaya’s moment of realisation is simply unforgettable.

I don't know...I don't really understand, but I...

I don’t know…I don’t really understand, but I…

...will always love karuta, and Arata too.

…will always love karuta, and Arata too.

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