Things to do in Tokyo in winter, part 5

Well…sort of anyway, since this one involves leaving Tokyo to fly to some other destination in Japan. It has to be a significant destination – and even overseas may work too, as my own flight over to Japan proved – for only then might you witness the slice of (admittedly lame) entertainment describe below.

Take a domestic flight somewhere...

Take a domestic flight somewhere…

Okinawa is probably the best choice. Chances are that take-off and landing will provide a fair amount of amusement, what with the hordes of high school students that seem to be going on their school trips at this time of year. Why amusing, you might ask? Well, it seems that Japanese people tend to travel within their country when they go on holiday, usually over land. Hence the squeals of excitement (or perhaps trepidation) from many of their high school girls during the most exciting parts of their first ever air journeys…

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