Finally!! The 6th Seiyuu Awards

I know I’ve noted several times previously that I don’t really care what happens with these awards anymore, primary because of studio-collusion and the rather inane rule that people can’t win the same award twice…

But this time’s special, because Sakurai Takahiro actually being granted an award suggests that, hopefully, something that happened almost 6 years ago is mostly water under the bridge by now. Anime fans who don’t know about that particular scandal – feel free to google if you’re one of them – but who heard Sakku in some of his exemplary roles over the past few years (Oshino, Azuma and Ichi-san, to name just a few), might have been surprised that he was not recognised for any of them. Most seiyuu watchers, both in Japan and elsewhere, have long speculated that it was due to that scandal, so perhaps this is a sign that he’s mostly been forgiven?

Not that it’ll help the ‘Best Actor’ category, methinks, because Sakku doesn’t really score protagonist roles anymore ^^; (Ah, for those who don’t know what I mean by this: the seiyuu awards are such a particular seiyuu isn’t allowed to win the same award twice. Hence, we had the debacle of last year, where no male seiyuu was awarded for a leading role, even though there were a few good performances. There is also, however, something about ‘studios who play the game vs. those that don’t’, so yeah…we don’t really care about the awards themselves anymore. Finally, it’s interesting to note that many of the winners didn’t actually attend the awards ceremony – including Sakku and Iguchi Yuka, as they were hosting Comchat Countdown that night!)

Anyways, without further ado, the awards went to…

Best Lead Performances:
Hirata Hiroaki (T&B) and Yuuki Aoi (MadoMagi, amongst others)

Supporting Female: Katou Emiri (Kyuubei etc)
Supporting Male: Miyano Mamoru (…many many roles) and Kimura Ryouhei (Shouma in Penguindrum etc)
Best Female Newcomer: Kayano Ai (Menma, Inori etc) and Mikami Shiori (???)
Best Male Newcomer: Eguchi Takuya (???) and Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (Riku in Housou Musuko; Narumi in Memochou)
Best Song Performance: ST☆RISH (i.e. the Utapuri singers)
Best (Radio) Personality: Iguchi Yuka (Comchat)
Overseas Fan Award: Sakurai Takahiro
Most Votes: Kamiya Hiroshi
Special Merit Award: Kobayashi Shuu, Takiguchi Junpei, Watabe Takeshi
Merit Award: Asou Miyoko, Kimotsuki Kaneta
Series Award: Inazuma Eleven (Takeuchi Junko, Terasaki Yuuka)
Tomiyama Kei Award: Horiuchi Kenyuu
Takahashi Kazue Award: Toda Keiko
Kids/Family Award: Ootani Ikue
Special Award: Yomikikase Caravan Group, Kawakami Tomoko

…rolls eyes at Kamiya Hiroshi…he’s so popular, even though he didn’t really have any roles of note? oh crap, what DID Kamiya do last year again…? I seriously can’t, for the life of me, remember anything that I saw HiroC in besides Sayonara no Tsubasa! *checks year review* oh, one episode of Fractale…ah! Working’!! How could I forget!!

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