Karigurashi no Arrietty (aka The Borrowers): Magic at the theater

If you pass your gaze over the tiny spaces where human eyes seldom look, perhaps you will catch a glimpse of the little people who ‘borrow’ from humans the things they need to live. But it might be best not to let them know that you are aware of them, should you want them to stay…

Welcome to the world of the little people…

I love Studio Ghibli. Not only for the beautiful animation that leaves me in a wondrous mood, but also for the heartfelt stories they tell. But that also makes it incredibly difficult for me to convey just how much I love them. I’ve now seen Arrietty three times…and I fall in love with the story, and with Shou and Arrietty each time…but it’s so difficult to share my love for this film. This is what happens with many of the Ghibli films I love – particularly Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Whispers of the Heart – there is just something magical about watching them. Especially on the big screen.

Stills can never do this justice…

Maybe that’s where I can start with Arrietty. When I heard that Disney might stop bringing Ghibli’s films to the West, or perhaps take them straight to BD/DVD, I felt a little depressed. There is just something about watching the magic unfold upon a huge screen at the cinema – and Arrietty has a few moments that encapsulate this completely – the moments where she is on Shou’s shoulder. But the shot where she ascends the ‘elevator shaft’ on the way to her first borrowing hunt was also rather thrilling. Furthermore, the details – the kitchen in the doll house, the garden where Shou spends some sunny days, the cosy little house that Arrietty’s family has created over several generations…all of that is classic Ghibli imagery, and it’s just gorgeous.

Innovation is the first key you need for success…

*sighs* I know that doesn’t come across at all…please, just watch it! On a big screen, if at all possible.

For the broader picture: like most Ghibli films, there is a message that anyone and everyone can take from Arrietty and apply to their own lives. Unlike some of the others, it is a simple, apolitical message: never give up. A mountain may stand in your way, but don’t ever give up before attempting to climb it.

…and the other important ingreadients? Determination and courage.

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3 Responses to Karigurashi no Arrietty (aka The Borrowers): Magic at the theater

  1. Xard says:

    got to see this on big screen too. Definetly worth it.

    The best non-Miyazaki Ghibli film since Whisper of the Heart IMO


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