In memory of 2011 その7: 六等星の夜

Now, the second song which racked up over a hundred repeats on my playlist (even though the last few months involved repeating the playlist from an entirely different franchise) was “Rokutousei no Yoru”, the ending theme of No.6.

It’s an interesting title to translate – I had a brief look at some of the translations a few months ago, and one translator (whom I just can’t find again…although some major translation sites also state this now) noted that a “rokutou” star is the dimmest star that can be seen by the naked eye, which comes from one way of classifying stars, apparent magnitude (m). Under very good conditions, there are approximately 9,500 stars that are meant to be visible to the naked eye…

(and ack…I keep coming back to Macross – that says something about Michel counting the stars in the first Frontier film, huh? Although, if the Frontier Fleet is nearer the center of the galaxy than we are, then perhaps there are more stars that they can see anyway…)

Back to the point, what I took it to mean is that a ‘night of sixth magnitude stars’ would be an incredibly dark night. That is to say, I’d go for a translation like

‘The Darkest Night’

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