In memory of 2011 その4: 黒猫万歳!!

Last year, she was just one of nine other memories that I just wanted to talk about somehow. This year, she’s got an entire post to herself, for it was in the extra episodes were released earlier this year that Kuroneko really shone through as a winning character. At least, in my books.

That smile! And that courage! What is there not to like?

At times quiet, at times temperamental, at times showing her great devotion to her friends. That’s what Kuroneko had been before Kirino left for the States. Her entrance into Kyousuke’s school gave the readers/viewers a glimpse at her awkwardness in society, and provided the trigger for upper- and under-classmen to get closer, which a certain group of fans gushed (or cheered) over. But it was Kuroneko’s sensitivity and great concern for Kirino and Kyousuke, something that really comes to the fore in the 8th volume of the novels, that has given her a place of her own on this list.

Come on Fushimi-sensei, give us a good, believable ending!

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