In memory of 2011 その3: Secret base 〜君がくれたもの〜

By which I mean not only the ’10 years after’ version that Kayano Ai, Tamotsu Haruka and Hayami Saori sang for AnoHana, but also the original by ZONE.



One thing I found rather amusing about the ’10 years after’ version is that it made a lot of viewers – and apparently even one of the seiyuu (at the very least) – assume that a certain significant event in AnoHana occurred 10 years prior to the present that we follow the characters in. Actually, that event occurred about 5 years earlier, as implied in episode 2, where Jinta is looking for 5-year old game…



But that doesn’t change how beautifully the lyrics fit AnoHana – I didn’t stop listening to it for weeks! So even though Secret base 〜君がくれたもの〜 strangely disappeared from my playlists in the second half of the year (when a certain other franchise started commanding all of my free time), it definitely has a well-deserved place amongst the fond memories yours truly has of 2011.

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