In memory of 2011 その2: りんちゃん可愛い!!!!

Smart, cute, pretty, sensible...can someone like Rin-chan really exist?

Whilst I was not quite as invested in Usagi Drop as some other viewers were – I suspect that it may well be because I’m not a parent and thus am not as appreciative of Daikichi’s awe-inspiring actions – it was incredibly soothing each week to watch Rin and Daikichi in the life they were creating together. Rin, in particular, with her sensibility, her precociousness and developing sense of humour, and above all, her unbridled joy at even the simplest things, really brought home the importance of all the little things in life, because those are what makes life worthwhile.

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MAG fan, translator, and localization project manager. I also love musicals, travel and figure skating!

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