Whiskey Tango Fractale…?

Unfortunately, the semi-hiatus here will probably continue as long as I am studying (i.e. at least another 15 months), but I just wanted to get this one out of the way.

Controversial Director Yamamoto Yutaka caused quite a stir when, before the broadcast began, he declared that he would retire from anime should his latest project fail. Said latest project was Fractale, which fans actually looked forward to due to the pretty character designs and the interesting premise based around the titular system.

“Let’s not mince words” is what I really want to say, but I’ll be diplomatic. Quite frankly, I was disappointed. The first few episodes proved interesting enough, especially when fans identified the region that the visuals were developed from. And the middle episodes ably showed the contrast between life with and without the system. But it just didn’t have impact: the people who were unable to live without the system really weren’t sympathetic enough (though I suppose it didn’t help that one of the worst culprits sounds like Uzaya…)…

Pretty visuals and Kamiyan in episode 7 still couldn't save the series for me…

Even worse, the main characters didn’t really interest me. Clain was…annoying – and I’ve really come to dislike young boys being voiced by women – and Phryne was just weird. Nessa was cute for perhaps four episodes. I kept watching because it’s noitaminA, which usually manages to capture my heart. But not this time. Especially not with that Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ending. I get the feeling that extra materials might help me understand it a bit better, but I’m simply not interested.

Sorry Yamakan. Hope you find something interesting to do whilst you take a (hopefully permanent) break from anime.

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