Soredemo?…no! It’s “Soremachi”, idiots!

Ordinarily, I’d finish with “Get it right, dammit!”, but honestly, that’s not what this show is all about, is it? Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru is precisely as it’s title says, a town that keeps turning. It’s not like the end of the world, much less a simple mistaken abbreviation, can stop that, right?

Wicked! opening is a big draw…but is that enough?

At the start of Autumn, Soremachi was probably one of the first series I thought I would drop. SHAFT’s other straight comedy, Arakawa Under the Bridge, hasn’t really been my cup of tea, not to mention a certain nasal voice appearing again here, as the main character no less. The only reason I checked it out was for a certain favourite seiyuu, and, as you can probably guess from this reaction, he ended up being the reason I tried a few more episodes. Even then, the gags were somewhat hit and miss, so count it a minor miracle that I got to the second half of the series. And surprisingly, I started really enjoying it.

The turning point was probably episode 6, where Hotori takes it upon her generous – and nosy – heart to check up on an under-the-weather Kon. With Tatsuno in tow, she discovers Kon’s great love for rock music. The gag that follows was obvious as as day, but not any less hilarious for it – the comic timing of SHAFT’s production team was perfect. And like so many others, I grew to love Soremachi whenever Kon was involved. I LOVE verbal jokes, but seriously, the “A-Hotori” and “Futaba-ka” exchange was just brilliant! Even Omigawa-san’s nasality lost its sting, which is no mean feat in my opinion!

If there’s something that people may complain about, it’s that Soremachi has no plot whatsoever. This much is clear from the fact that an episode may be composed of stories from the 1st and 4th volumes, not to mention that the finale is from volume 2! The ups and downs of unrequited love, the random fun of checking out the secrets behind vending machines, the perils of Maths, advertising and unknown birthdays: this series of vignettes demonstrates just how interesting normal life can be if you’re up for it. Forget shows about girls with gondolas, art students struggling through college and life, or even that one about a modern society research club at uni: Soremachi is the epitome of Slice-of-Life.

Are all SHAFT towns always this quiet at night?

Will we see more of Hotori and co.? Perhaps. At least, yes please for more of Kon! At any rate, if the author and SHAFT can keep up the quality of the comedy and animation respectively, then there’s sure to be enough material for at least a few more cours. They’re in a town that keeps turning, after all!

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