In memory of 2010 part 11: and the anime of the year is…

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

To be honest, this series almost slipped my mind. I got back into the manga around the time the new series started airing, so I was always ahead, which meant I was watching for silly things such as hearing Miyano Mamoru and Nakamura Yuuichi voice the ‘same’ character. Furthermore, because the first series already covered half of the manga, the first half of the second was rather rushed and somewhat unfulfilling. And of course, there’s the recency effect: Hagaren ended six months ago, and the manga just before it!

However, the flood of year end posts, especially the 12 moments of anime series that so many bloggers do for Christmas, brought back some of the memories of what made Hagaren so special. For me, it can all be summed up by looking at one character: Roy Mustang.

Grieving with him when a well-loved character died once more, cheering him on as he kept to his word about never allowing the death of another subordinate… The fight against Lust still leaves me in awe – it’s probably my favourite.

Watching with a mixture of awe and fear as he approached the fulfillment of revenge, and sighing with relief when it was over.

Even the conclusion: what happened with Ed and Al was brilliant and completely in sync with their characterisation throughout the series, but what she did with Mustang was even better. If there was ever a manga that ended perfectly, this is it. I never forget the tumult of emotions that came in the weeks following that final chapter. Once again, Arakawa-sensei – THANK YOU, and お疲れさまでした!

(*sighs* but do I hate the “Brotherhood” bit or what!)


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