In memory of 2010 part 4: the Great (or Not-So-Great) Carry Overs

That’s to say, Bakemonogatari and Cross Game, two series that I went absolutely crazy about until screening delays and the end of the manga put a damper on things. Yet, both of these have different outcomes in terms of how interested I remain with them.

In the former case, despite those absolutely INFURIATING delays, I’m still crazy about the Bakemonogatari series in general. I have a full set of the Blu-rays, the artbook and the guidebook, the Nendoriod puchis and all of the novels released so far (though I’ll probably leave purchasing the most recent novel until my next trip to Japan). And it’s probably going to remain on my list of translation projects until after Kizumonogatari is completely released. It’s been almost 7 years since I’ve gone this crazy over something – the last case being the Lord of the Rings – and I actually hope it will be the last time. I simply don’t have the time or the money to keep it up.

On the other hand, although Adachi-sensei’s quiet subtlety really fascinated me, once the manga ended I just lost interest because the tension wasn’t there anymore. Not to mention some of the changes and additions to the anime that changed the subtlety into something that seemed forced. I still like Koh and Aoba – she’s a far better tsundere than a certain Kousaka Kirino – but I don’t like them together. But that’s just me.

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