GITS S.A.C. 2nd Gig – Appreciating what you can…

…or what to do when the main background issue pretty much goes over your head…


I can’t remember exactly where, but I once read an opinion of one of the creators of this series, stating something to the effect of “those who aren’t Japanese probably won’t understand the refugee issue here in Japan enough to fully appreciate what the series is about.” I distinctly remember feeling somewhat offended, especially since I’ve met many Japanese people whose non-interest in politics can hardly hold them in better stead. But at least one other observer (fan, if you wish) has noted an absolute truth about this series, i.e. as with anything conceived by Oshii Mamoru, GITS: S.A.C. needs repeated viewings before one can fully appreciate the intricate plot, much less the themes that found it.

At present, I have neither the willpower nor the companions (let’s face it, this NEEDS discussion) to try watching this again. Perhaps I’ve been corrupted: anything that involves analysis of realistic politics has recently been disposed in favour of lutz (Code Geass) or character analysis (Macross F). Looking at my current watch list, you could even say that I’m avoiding them altogether…though I do want to find time for Senkou no Night Raid one of these days. I freely admit it: I much prefer series where a minimum amount of research, if any, is sufficient for appreciating it, for there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to follow more than one complex series at any one time.


Thankfully, director Kamiyama Kenji felt the need to explore the characters in more depth, going so far as to create a history for the Major that did not exist in the original manga. Adding a love story might seem trite to some, but to me, it made the Major much more human. Until now, I’ve found it hard to relate to her beyond the response my brothers had for the original 1995 film (i.e. “Wow cool!”), but her backstory enabled me to see her as a human being, as a person whose experiences shaped her into the impressive, yet somewhat lonely, figure that in the series timeframe.

To finish off, one question now plagues me: is there now a bridge to the original movie?

Perhaps one day, sometime in the future, I will view it again to find out. For now, I think I need to tackle Innocence.

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2 Responses to GITS S.A.C. 2nd Gig – Appreciating what you can…

  1. Thiago says:

    so fã desta serie mas a linhas de tempo diferentes entre o filme de 1995 e a serie de tv Stand Alone Complex , o innocence e a continuação do filme de 1995 , eu gosto da serie SAC mais acho que o Filme é uma obra de arte.


    • karice says:

      Sorry, I can’t read Portuguese, so I’m just going by what google translate gave me:

      only fan of this series but the different time lines between the 1995 film and the TV series Stand Alone Complex, the innocence and the continuation of the 1995 film , I like the SAC series more I think the film is a work of art .

      ANN tells me that Innocence is the continuation of the 1995 film, is that what you were saying?

      Interesting…so that means I should probably watch the original film before I get around to Innocence (I still haven’t seen it…).

      Thanks for the comment! I also really like the TV series because it’s interesting to think about. ^^


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