Review: Ketsuekigata betsu onna ga kekkon suru houhou

血液型別オンナが結婚する方法, or “How to get your fairytale marriage as a woman of blood-type (~)”

Over the past couple of years, Japan has gone crazy over a set of books by Jamais Jamais, which have become somewhat of a bible for the understanding people by their bloodtypes. The books have been on hold at the library every since I first spotted them, so I chose simply to buy my own set…though now I have no time in which to read them.

Well…I do, if I make the time, but that’s besides the point.

Anyway, I recently learned of this 4-part drama special from April of this year. Each episode depicts a woman representing one bloodtype, who is trying to attract (or find) the guy of her dreams. The four women are all named Sachie (幸恵) (which means “happy/fortunate blessings”), and their best friends are all played by Kondo Haruna. The stories are otherwise unconnected in any way. The stories were sometimes cheesy, and will probably rankle feminists, but Ketsuekigata betsu onna was, for me, a somewhat entertaining four nights.

Personally, it was difficult to watch the first Sat-chan try to make herself over into a flashy, flirty woman, because, though I will never go as far as she did, I certainly recognised some of her A-blood-type traits (such as keeping a log of accounts) in myself. However, I don’t always wait for the green light – a throwback from spending most of my childhood in the city of jaywalkers perhaps. (^_^;)

The others were, however, quite fun to watch. I especially liked O-Sachie, who went from being a blur, pouty young woman to a classy and responsible one, whilst retaining the open, heck-care for etiquette traits that can brighten up a stuffy situation where appropriate. (Hm…something like Yoon Eun Hye’s characters in certain Korean dramas I’ve seen.) I also liked AB-Sachie, especially her “cool beauty” and poker-face traits, but B-Sachie is someone I probably wouldn’t be able to have good relations with. They’re all stereotypes, perhaps, but for the most part, I could certainly sympathise with some of the situations they faced.

On a more serious side, the love interest in each episode was always someone Sachie met or knew from work, never a random meeting at a bar (although B-Sachie’s came close). This trend is certainly reflected in the Okinawan teaching community, where most teachers are married to someone they’ve met at work or through parties they’ve attended because of work relations. Even if you meet at university or through friends, networking here means that most people only know those of a similar cut to themselves. When some of my teachers found out that a fellow teacher was married to a nurse, they also started wondering where in the world they’d met! This is also one of the reasons I’m not willing to stay as an ALT for another year – having seen how they have to live, there’s no way in hell that I’m marrying a teacher!

Back to the point, Ketsuekigata betsu onna is a fun watch (more for girls, perhaps), and I expect that I’ll enjoy revisiting it after…well, a certain point in my life. 7/10

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