Decision – well, sort of…

Given that the second Eden movie is due on January 9 next year, my 2009 year for anime is going to extend until at least midway through January. Both contenders for the major prizes SHOULD be finished by then (come on SHAFT, don’t let me down!), although I’m fairly certain about who is going to be awarded what.

Really, doing a season by season review (as well), like thenullset, makes more sense, especially considering that slots on Japanese TV are typically sold in クール (from the French “cours” for course), which consist of 13 episodes over a 3 month period, corresponding to Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. That’s why most anime typically have 13, 26 or 52 episodes. Those short by 1 or 2 episodes typically have one or two slots taken up by recaps or specials. With a season review, one can focus on the merits of each series during a particular timeframe, without having to wait forever to choose a favourite.

Of course, considering that most major series start in Spring and Autumn, the anime year really should end in April, just like the rest of Japan. (The year-long NHK dramas, which run from January to December are the only exceptions I can think of.) Two more months to decide on that.

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