Review: Kuroshitsuji (anime)


A butler is one who, like a shadow, follows his master faithfully.

In Victorian England, strange incidents occur in the hidden worlds of the capital. Investigating and solving these issues that may threaten the state is the responsibility of the Phantomhive family. And the faithful butler of this house will fulfill every last order given by his young master…though not necessarily out of faithfulness… Beneath the perfect exterior lies a Faustian contract made in order for Ciel Phantomhive to discover the truth behind the deaths of his parents and thus conduct his revenge.

Kuroshitsuji is based on Toboso Yana’s manga of the same name. Students first pointed out this manga to me over a year ago, and when Ono Daisuke was cast as Sebastian, I was pretty excited about watching it. However, although it started fairly strongly with the Jack the Ripper story, the rest of the anime fell pretty flat.

One of the problems may be that the manga is still ongoing. Until the recently released 6th volume, Ciel and Sebastian had made very little headway into the mystery of his parents’ deaths. Hence, the anime deviates heavily from it’s source after a certain point, creating entirely new characters that go beyond the supernatural into the ridiculous.

Perhaps I should reserve judgement until after I’ve caught up with the manga (I’ve finished 3 volumes, and should be reading the 4th this week), but thus far, if something similar happens in the manga, I’m not even going to bother finishing it. I’ve read a manga which has twisted the purity associated with angels far more than in the Kuroshitsuji anime, but to me, it just wasn’t quite in keeping with the spirit of the series.

In summary, the first 6 episodes are quite fun, as is Grell’s 「舌入れても?」 etc in episode 11, but other than that, probably a waste of time. Fans of certain male seiyuu may find a bit more enjoyment, what with Ono Daisuke’s seductive Sebastian and Fukuyama Jun revelling in Grell’s insanity, but otherwise… 5/10

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