Quick Impression: Iron Man

Caught this – or rather, was made to watch it – when I stayed over at my brother’s place over New Year’s. Like 300, this is a ‘guys’ film. Unlike 300, it’s not one that I particularly want to watch again.

Why? one might ask…

Well, people like my brother love it for the “woah…cool! that’s *&&^%*& amazing” technology that Tony Stark comes up with. Not to mention the computer systems he owns. If you thought the virtual touch screens of MInority Report were cool, the voice-controlled design and implementation programs that Tony owns and uses are jaw-dropping (if you buy them). One can only imagine the programming that must have been implemented to make them work so efficiently. Sure, pretty cool.

But someone like me can only gape at visuals for so long…well, with certain exceptions. I do like Robert Downey Jr as an actor…but not when he’s a MCP (albeit one who’s learning to appreciate human emotions, slowly). It stuns me that Iron Man actually got more fan mail from the fairer sex than any other comic. And I haven’t cared about Gwyneth Paltrow for an incredibly long time.

I did like the press conference at the end – where the story is all planned, but Tony bluntly states…”The truth is…I am Iron Man”. Of course, that means we’re getting a sequel. Another comicbook superhero sequel. That I’m not going to be able to review properly either. Films like this sometimes make me want to stop this whole review thing. Or at least change it so that I can leave popcorn stuff out whilst commenting only on the stories that have interesting things to say. Will have to think about that.

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