Quick Impressions (since I don’t actually want to review them…)

Once again, I caught a couple of movies on the flights to and from home. I’m sure I’m missing a couple of Western ones, but I remember seeing One Million Yen Girl (百万円と苦虫女) and Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro (ゲゲゲの鬼太郎).

The latter was fine…a little bit B-grade in the special effects department, but can’t expect a Titanic budget for everything. It was a pretty fun movie to practice my Japanese listening skills on, although subtitles were provided anyway. I also liked one of its messages: don’t do things for a reward, or avoid doing them because you get no thanks; rather, do them for yourself, because you want to. That is a lesson that not only the Japanese, but many of the youth around the world would do well to learn.

One Million Yen Girl left me with a deeper impression. I don’t like people who run away from their problems, but the idea of flitting from town to town and experiencing new things in each place is quite tempting. However, the ending where the viewer is left to fill in the final scene(s) (which I’m fairly certain no American filmmaker would have considered doing in this kind of story) really gave me the impression that the story does not end with the movie, which is really what happens in life. Whether Western audiences will appreciate this kind of ending remains to be seen.

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