Quick review: Hanakimi special

I found out by accident a couple of days after the fact, but last Monday, there was a Hanakimi~Ikemen Paradise~ special, consisting of episode 7.5 (Julia invading Osaka Gakuen) and Graduation – of the 3rd years and Mizuki. Here’s the stuff I thought about…

Continuing on from the use of どんだっけ and そんなの関係ね! in the series, the special doesn’t waste much time in demonstrating yet another famous catchline, an incredibly old one that’s been going through a mini-revival recently: ゲッツ!! I only recognised it because my teachers incorporated it into our end-of-year party performance last year…

Check out what Sano’s reading!

I was incredibly amused by Nakao’s nighty…even though I really don’t like just how girly they’ve made him!

Julia’s completely fake looking blond hair was absolutely shocking. And she’s not as manipulative as the drama suggests her to be, deviously plotting to get Mizuki to go back to America. Though Nanba-sempai’s serious "I will protect my dorm members" restored some of his coolness (in the manga, he’s an incredibly responsible dorm head!), until she kneed him, that is…

Eto, since when does a high school graduation involve only 4 students?

I was also rather puzzled by the Valentine’s Day event at the start – were they making up for not including the "Mizuki gives Sano" chocolate bit from the manga?

In summary, there were a couple of amusing bits, and some wtfs, like Sano’s hair – all up, I wasn’t particularly impressed. But then again, I wasn’t particularly impressed with how the manga ended either, though at least it made more sense to me than the drama did. Ah well…a 5/10 overall.

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