Review: Eureka Seven

Heh…I think I had this series for a good two years before I actually sat down to watch it. No matter how good it is, the fact that it is a 50-episode series was probably the major problem. Same with this review perhaps…except that, as Code Geass proved, a good ending would have me spending hours on a review, and even rewatching an entire series to catch what I missed before…

Getting back to the point, Renton Thurston lives with his mechanic grandfather but dreams of soaring in the skies with the mercernary group, Gekkostate, chasing after good ways in their pursuit of the sport of "reffing". That is until a blue-haired girl – Eureka – brings the Nirvash typeZERO to his grandfather for repairs… (meh…summaries can be found everywhere online).

Eureka Seven was certainly an entertaining 50 episodes. The characters are interesting and mostly well-developed through back stories or interactions with other characters (with what time they were given), although those that changed through the course of the show were probably limited to just six. To be honest, Renton was rather irritating for at least the first half of the series, as he stumbled and flailed around learning just what he did not know. Thankfully, the people he had to intereact with – from Charles and Ray to the members of Gekkostate – more than made up for it. Eureka also went through her own issues which stemmed largely from her origins.

That’s actually where one of the main draws of Eureka Seven lies for me, with the mystery surrounding Eureka, her connection to the scab coral as well as the reason she is so important to the crew and captain of Gekkostate. Following this mystery to the end was worthwhile, although the last episode was a bit strange (微妙) – I would say I was a bit ambivalent because it seemed rather convenient and somewhat anticlimatic.

The other thing however, that most people have praised in Eureka Seven, are the many themes that are evident from the character relationships. Identity was one that especially applied to Renton and Eureka. I noticed the one about parenting too, but really, especially with the childishness of Eureka and Renton’s relationship, I didn’t want to think about it very much. I liked it enough, but unlike another series, I don’t feel like there’s anything I can get by watching it again. 7.5/10.

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