Review: Moyashimon

Just two days ago, I finally finished Moyashimon, the strange story about Sawaki Tadayasu, a boy who can see bacteria, who, along with his childhood friend, Yuuki Kei, begins his university life at an Agriculture University in Tokyo . With a premise like that, what more do you need to create an unforgettable manga/anime? Well, the following can help..

Firstly, what else does one poor writer need to do but create a leather-clothed dominatrix in a labcoat? This young lady, Hasegawa, believe it or not, is Itsuki-sensei’s main assistant.

Next, a show about bacteria naturally has to be educational as to why these little creatures are so important to humans. Particularly how they are used to create sake, medicine (penicillin) and delicacies such as kiviak. Kiviak is an eskimo delicacy, whose preparation involves burying a seal carcass stuff with auk (a type of sea bird) underground to allow it to ferment. Click on the above if you want to know more about how they are eaten…

(credits to Orion and d373 for these screencaps.)

I also loved it how Sawaki (the guy who can see the bacteria) reacts to various things that happen. He spazzes out when sent to a hospital…for obvious reasons.

But the episode that really sold the show to me was episode 8, the one where the Spring Fesitval (春際) ended…you have to watch the whole series to get the effect, but it was well worth it. Absolute stupidity and brilliance.

And (he spazzes) again when he meets this beauty for the second time. Interesting character, this one, though of course, I recognised her once she opened her mouth (^^;).

Moyashimon is a manga first, and it’s still ongoing. From what I’ve read, most of the events in the anime are taken directly from the source, although the first eight episodes covered only two volumes of the manga. This probably explains why the last 3 episodes felt a bit rushed and strange, going from the hilarity of episode 8 to some relatively serious considerations of what one should aim for in one’s life.  Though going straight from the hijinks of to tackling the ‘what do you want to do with your life’ theme were linked by the stories of Hasegawa and Kei. But that’s coming from having absolutely no knowledge of the manga (other than that the goth Loli seems to have blonde hair rather than black). I’ll try and make some headway into the manga before I have to cut out my tongue – or rather, cut off my fingers as it turns out. But I do recommend trying this at least once. If anything, it’s by far the most unique premise I’ve ever come across in the anime/manga world. 7.5/10

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