For the record: かるたしよっさ

And so, here is my Chihayafuru Master Post. As a bonus, there’s a free translation for anyone who can tell me why I chose this date for this post. (^^)

Official links

BE LOVE — the magazine that Chihayafuru runs in
Suetsugu Yuki on twitter
TV Series 1
TV Series 2
Official anime twitter account

List of interviews

2008, November: Jump Square interview
2011, February: Da Vinci  interview
2012, September: Discussion with Umino Chika in BE LOVE (commemorating the 100th Poem)
2013, July: Hikari TV Book “This book is legendary!” vol. 2
2014, June: Entermix #68 (article about “Girls’ manga that guys like”)
2015, October: Discussion with Yoshinaga Fumi in BE LOVE (commemorating the Chihayafuru movie)

Manga Reviews

The first memory of 2012: I will always love karuta, and…
Poems 119 & 120
Poem 121
Poem 122
Poem 123
Poem 124
Memories of 2013 part 1: I really should have expected that…
Poem 125
Poem 126
Poems 127 & 128
Poem 129
Poems 130 to 133
Poems 133 & 134
Poems 135 & 136
Poem 137
Poem 138
On Taichi (in chapter 138)
Poem 139
What manga can teach you about life — a comparison with Card Captor Sakura
Looking back on 2014, part 4: what hurts the most…
Poem 140
Poem 141
Poems 142-153
Poems 154-157
Poems 158-160
Poems 161-165

Anime Reviews

Chihayafuru: The sorrows of solitude
Chihayafuru 2: telling a story through poetry is not quite so easy on screen…

Other translations and commentary

The need for rivalry
Translation: Akane Sora [Madder Red Sky] (Chihayafuru 2 ED Theme)
It’s all in the name
Memories of 2013 part 9: Enemies, opponents and rivals
An update on the “teki” debate

About karice
MAG fan, translator, and localization project manager. I also love musicals, travel and figure skating!

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