Review: Spider-Man 3

Lessee…so much for the ‘maybe tomorrow’. Everyone should know what this one was about, so I’ll skip the summary (go here if you’ve been living under a rock).

Opinion in one sentence: I like the second film better. 6/10

The good: the CGI was much more fluid; logical continuation of the thread from the second film (i.e. Peter getting an ego-trip); Venom looked good, for the little we saw him/it; the bittersweet and uncertain ending.

The bad: the 45 minutes where Peter was the biggest *** in Manhattan, especially the excruciating ‘walk sequence’; the inclusion of Gwen Stacy – was it really that necessary?; the little piece of intelligence provided by Harry’s butler – er…why only now?; lack of real development for Flint Marko (Sandman).

Like so many other second sequels, Spider-Man 3 fails to live up to its predecessors. As with X-Men 3, they tried to cram a bit too much into one film. In superhero ventures on the big screen, all the best villains have an entire film to themselves – the only double that worked was Batman Returns, but a large part of that would have come down to Catwoman also doubling as the love interest. Whilst all the villains in Spidey 3 – Sandman, Venom and the second Goblin – were connected (at least in the film) by Peter’s struggle against himself, it would have been nice if the filmmakers could have devoted a bit more time to each of them. Given Venom’s alleged position as the third of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies, the film should probably have been dedicated to him (along with MJ’s problems on Broadway). They didn’t need to change Uncle Ben’s killer in order to incorporate another villain. But it would then have seemed like overkill if Harry’s help had been needed for Spider-Man to defeat just Venom… That’s one of the problems with these superhero movies – a superhero can take on two nemeses at the same time and win, but must never have help against just one enemy… Argh! too many strands to think through.

I remember reading somewhere that there is an intention to make a 4th, 5th and 6th film in the franchise…I wish they wouldn’t. Tobey Maguire has done really well in the title role so far, but I thought he was thinking of moving on too. I think it’s time we all moved on, at least until the next revival of the superhero genre.

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