Review: Nobuta wo Produce

Since I’ve started deleting it…

Nobuta wo Produce was the j-dorama series that loads of people (mostly teenagers and/or uni-students, I suspect) were fangirling about in 2005. I had earlier resolved not to watch it, because I wasn’t particularly inclined to watch another series with a certain idol in it, but then an8id and I eventually decided to pool our resources (i.e. time) and get it…

In a nutshell, Nobuta wo Produce deals with how Kiritani Shuji changes from a superficial individual concerned only with how he appears to the people he shares the world with into a person with somewhat more depth and integrity. He achieves this through developing friendships with Kotani Nobuko (the title character) and Kusano Akira, which were created and/or deepened in the process of ‘producing’ gloomy Nobuta into a popular school icon. But of course, production isn’t easy…and various tribulations, the spiteful work of a mysterious fellow student, are thrown their way. However, as expected, these ultimately serve to strengthen the friendship between the three.

Nobuta wo Produce is quite watchable, especially because of Yamapi (Akira *shock*) as the really eccentric but straightforward Akira – particularly how he decided that his friendship with Nobuta and Shuji was worth so much more than anything else. Additionally, much as I would like to treat it as something todiscard and forget, the show’s depiction of bullying situations that, from what I’ve read/heard elsewhere, do occur in Japanese school’s to a certain extent, has made it difficult to get rid of. Although Shuji’s farewell was a bit contrived, I liked how he ultimately decided to move for the sake of his brother (who, btw, was in Engine, IIRC). And thankfully, Akira decided to follow (or precede, as it turns out) him, or all the changes achieved during the course of Nobuta’s production would have been for naught.

And so, yes, it was fun. But nevertheless, it’s time to decide which episodes (if not all) should go – as I’ve indicated before, I’ve gotten rid of my habit of keeping everything.

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