Review: Le Chevalier d’Eon

Since I just finished the series just then. Le Chevalier d’Eon started off very very slowly, and the main reason I kept watching was…you’ll know if you know…

The first few arcs were confusing and irritating and probably not particularly interesting unless one likes zombies or 18th century France and the revolutions that ended up sweeping the Western world. But from approximately 15 onwards, it held my attention, largely because I wanted to know the links between Maximilien and Lia…and later, why Louis did what he did. Episode 23, where most of it was revealed through d’Eon (although viewers would mostly have been kept in the dark given that it requires a very astute person to catch what was written in that book). If you can decipher it, that is…

If not for the last episode, which was a bit draggy, I would really have liked this series. As it is, I’ll probably keep a few episodes, maybe buy the last DVD when it’s out. And for the time being, it’s really taken my mind off that really pressing issue for about an hour more, for which I’m grateful…

As for accuracy…there are a number of people at the animesuki forums who are really into the history, so I have no real comments there. I have a little query though – are those dates their dates of birth? When exactly does this series take place? Robespierre, Lia and d’Eon look quite a bit younger than they should be if the series is set anywhere remotely near the actual time of Madame Pompadour’s death… Also, having Madame Pompadour and Queen Marie née Leszczynska die in the same year is a tad strange (wiki lists them as having died 4 years apart) I had also wondered why Maximilien Robespierre was of the same generation as d’Eon, but the ending explained that.

edit: ok…I found someone who said it begins in 1942, which really really screws around with the ages of and relationships between some historical characters (not to mention the fact that ‘Robin’ shouldn’t even have been born yet), but it makes the appearances of the major characters (bar one, somewhat) a lot more believable.

(On that note, check this post by glyph out ^^.

Robin is the spiritual successor to the show’s Max(who is too old for the role, and likely won’t survive the series). That is to say, Robin takes up his name and goals in memory of Max(and/or fuses with Max’s spirit) and grows up to be the “real” Maximilien Robespierre remembered as the man who masterminded the Reign of Terror to wipe out any resurgence of the monarchy (and ironically, eventually wound up as its final victim). Yes, it’s playing fast and loose with history, but it’s not like the series is not already doing that.

He called it “wild and baseless speculation about the relation between Robespierre and Max”, but well, what do you know…)

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