Monogatari Series: Kamimashita!

Official links

Monogatari series official website
Nishio Ishin Anime Project website, twitter
Nishio Ishin official website, twitter

KizuMonogatari, released in English by Vertical Inc.

Fan stuff

General links

Baka-Tsuki translation page

Translations (by yours truly)

Bakemonogatari ED: Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (君の知らない物語)
In memory of 2010 part 6: Hyakumonogatari (Drama CD released in August 2009)
Nishio Ishin special presentation 2011


Bakemonogatari: the core of an obsession
Contemplating Nisemonogatari: the good…
Contemplating Nisemonogatari: …the bad…
Contemplating Nisemonogatari: …and the controversial…

Nekomonogatari Black: questions of love
Nekomonogatari White: Hanekawa and me
Kabukimonogatari: looking on the bright side
Otorimonogatari: victims and wrongdoers
Onimonogatari: to be or not to be, that is the question
Koimonogatari and “The Road Less Travelled”
Hanamonogatari: revisiting the ‘show vs. tell’ debate
Tsukimonogatari: Ononoki Yotsugi and the shoe analogy

Ougi Formula: what is Araragi Koyomi to the Monogatari Series

Other posts

Year Review 2009, part 1
Year Review 2009, part 2
信賞必罰? Or the difficulty of giving praise and censure where it’s due
Bakemonogatari: showing vs telling
In memory of 2010 part 3: Extras!! Gimme!
In memory of 2010 part 4: the Great (or Not-So-Great) Carry Overs
In memory of 2010 part 8: so I have a Voice Fetish…
The seventh memory of 2012: it’s finally here!!…or not…?
Memories of 2013 part 8: the sadness of saying goodbye
12 days 2014 bonus: some actual ‘moments’ I loved
Moments of 2015: The Confrontation

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