Attempt at quick reviewing…

which rather defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? But well, it was my fault for deciding to try calling GP who is actually back in town…I have to leave in about 45 minutes at the latest.

Akuma de Sourou is the most renown manga by the mangaka whose artbook I bought on a whim in 2004 because I liked the cover art, Takanashi Mitsuba. I’ve never regretted that buy, since I’ve grown to like most aspects of her art (or, if you wish, the way she draws guys because her female characters’ eyes tend to irritate me). Akuma, at 11 volumes, is relatively long for its genre, which involves two people who shouldn’t be falling in love doing just that. In this case, just as in Marmalade Boy, it’s because their parents (her’s is a widower, his a divorcee) are getting married. It seems that, provided you’re not related by blood, this kind of relationship is allowed in Japan, although it isn’t accepted by all members of society. I always found the parents in MB a little strange, so it’s great to see somewhat more realistic behaviour from the parents in Akuma (not that I’d know how parents would react in this kind of situation – it occurs much more often in manga than in real life…) – that is, if such a relationship is indeed allowed in Japan. I mean, if it wasn’t, there would have been a lot more fuss. Other than that, I really like Takeru (the ‘bad-boy’, hated at first, who has much more under the surface), and a couple of the supporting characters, but Kayano (the rather whiny girl who really can’t decide what she wants) irritates me. However, the basic plot has been done before, and similar characters appear in a whole host of manga, so unless you like Takanashi-sensei’s art or this kind of story, I’d stay away. 7/10, mostly for the art.

Aishiteruze Baby is, at least from what I’ve read, a rather unique story. It involves a guy with a play-boy image being forced to take care of his 5-year-old cousin when her mother disappears suddenly following the death of her husband. In all honesty, it’s not all that believeable, from the how well-behaved Yuzuyu is, all the way to how Kippei manages to cope with her for almost a year. Maybe he is just a really sensible and responsible 17-year-old, and really quick to learn how to prepare o-bento but still managing to keep his grades up, and he does require support from people, but he seems too perfect. Aishiteruze Baby seems to cheapen the difficulty of raising a child, even if there are some problems which Kippei has difficulty dealing with (that’s when other people do something that really helps, and everything’s peachy again). But well, it was quite enjoyable to read, and has a sweet ending – and thankfully, not one you might expect were you reading a Shinjo Mayu manga, or even Memoirs of a Geisha…6.5/10

I’ve got to go, so these will be quick.

Majin Devil is pretty crazy… It’s got an interesting concept, but is perhaps a bit too short, and leaves a couple of unanwsered questions. It also put me off quick a few times. Perhaps people who like the grotesque American comics might like it. 5/10.

Ragnarok. I don’t really enjoy manga that don’t go into their concepts enough, and this is one of them. It’s about a world where humans and ‘Dark Ones’ fight for domination in the world. The latter are stronger, but the humans have created some powerful weapons – Ragnarok – which allow them to fight these Dark Ones. And the catch – the protagonist isn’t exactly human… Well, this is alright, it’s just that the one thing that sticks in my mind is how good that sword looks…you’ll know what I mean if you read it. 6.5/10.

Other than that, some good and some bad things have happened over the last two days, things I’ve still got to get my head around.

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