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After the slight disappointment that was Neko no Ongaeshi (猫の恩返し) – it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that interesting…maybe I’m just not a cat person – there’s another Ghibli film that I’m definitely buying. I’m really glad that Miyazaki Hayao is still directing, because he chooses stories and modifies them in ways that have a lot of meaning for his intended audience audience, even if this meaning differs from the intent of the author of the original story, as I’ve heard is the case with Howl’s Moving Castle (ハウルの動く城). I’ll review it after I’ve read the original book by Diana Wynne Jones (and maybe after seeing it again too ^^).

I didn’t actually watch the whole of Air, mainly because it is yet another anime based on a male-orientated dating game. Despite that, it’s something that I’d highly recommend if you like the genre, because the game has one of the more interesting endings (and there is just ONE ending, although there are several paths towards it, apparently) I’ve read about.

Finished Get Backers a couple of weeks ago. The second half wasn’t quite as enjoyable as the first. The ‘Arms of the Goddess’ arc was a bit of a disappointment actually, especially compared to what it could have been had they stayed truer to the manga. SekiTomo was wasted in that role too…pity. Then they had filler-type eps (little relevance to the plot, just humouress etc) although the hospital one was hilarious (I really like Dr. Jackal ^^). One manga fan’s opinion that I read mentioned that Shidou was boring (definitely agree), that Shou-chan as Ginji was annoying (guess he can be, but I don’t care), that MikiShin as Teshimine was perfect (^^) and that Kazuki’s voice was too deep (well…I think it works better than having a really really feminine (or even female) voice, although I could have done without it being Hoshi-san). Well, maybe I should read the manga before commenting anymore…but the fan-service (for male readers) really irritates me. Think I might still keep it though…or at least the first half.

What else…hm… Grabbing that Sukisyo fix earlier this week was wonderful. The anime wasn’t something I wanted to keep (and it still isn’t) but I think the OVA is. Very much for the fangirls (nice moments for the main couples, although fans are upset that Sunao and Sora only had one…) and Nagase survived that fire in episode 12!! (presumably anyway – we’re assuming that this takes place after the series). I’ll admit it, the main reason I like the series is Nanami-chan, I just love his character and the way Ishi-chan voices him ^^

And the last anime-related one…Gundam SEED Destiny finally finished in the first week of October. I’ve been informed that watching the earlier Gundam series (all except Wing) would help one understand what they were trying to do with the series, so I think that’s what some of my summer will be taken up by. Still, I doubt one thing will change – Destiny was always going to run into problems once they decided to resurrect Mwu. Not only did that irritate his fans (and non-fans) to no end by negating the impact of his sacrifice, they had to dedicate time to him that could have been better spent on further developing the plot or other characters. Also could have done without the recap that was episode 41, but I guess they had to do that after giving Shinn a recap earlier in the series – had to balance it by giving the other two main characters one as well, right? Was expecting the ending in terms of the plot – given the content of the Destiny Plan (which is what I believe the series title refers to more so rather than Shinn’s Gundam, but that’s entirely up to interpretation. You could also argue that it refers to both) – I’m getting really tired of everyone who’s still complaining that ‘Shinn was meant to be the main character’ etc. Excuse me, but there’s a good argument for Athrun being the main; and it’s also interesting if one attempts to treat SEED and Destiny as two parts of the same story. However, whilst there is plenty more to be annoyed about in the second half of the series, I’m over ranting about it. Might finalise my thoughts on it sometime over the summer.

Might talk about Charlie tomorrow…should I be thinking of re-reading the book in this case too?

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