(Western) Film reviews…

Finding Neverland (2004). A film about the origins of the play ‘Peter Pan’, i.e. it’s about the playwright James Matthew Barrie and his relationship with the family who inspired his masterpiece. Recommended

    I’m definitely biased, since I would have watched this for Johnny Depp no matter what, but I really enjoyed this movie anyway. The style in which it is presented, especially the ‘SFX’ scenes used in showing the viewer the mind of J. M. Barrie, may alienated people who prefer their biopics serious, but it suits this subject perfectly. Perhaps there are a few uncomfortable links which people might make with the current fiasco involving a certain (ex-)pop-star, but doesn’t that also show just how paranoid a society we’ve become? It might be with good reason in some cases, but in this case, I think reading up on J. M. Barrie’s life is on order.
   Production quality is great, the cast work really well together – the fun they had (watch the extras on the dvd) really translates onto the screen, and makes one really care. I’ll stop short of saying it’s in the top 10 of films I’ve ever seen, but it’s certainly one of the most enjoyable ones in recent years. 8/10 (2005-04-05)

On the Beach (1959).
It’s a human drama about a nuclear holocaust, based on a book of the
same name written by Nevil Shute. Basically, after a nuclear war has
obliterated the Northern hemisphere, Australian survivors (presumably
in parallel with the rest of the Southern Hemisphere) live out their
last days with the knowledge that the end is near. Recommended

    Okay, so I haven’t actually seen the entire
film…(it is something I’m going to have to hunt down eventually…)
but the message left at the end of the film is important (“There is
still time, brother.” – something we should remember today perhaps,
given how India and Pakistan constantly seem to be on the verge of
using their nuclear weapons against each other.). A Soviet politician
who’d been working on the Soviet post-war nuclear program supposedly
went white upon seeing those final scenes. (The story is set in
Melbourne btw…it was a bit disconcerting to see recognisable
Melbourne streets completely devoid of people…) (2005-03-11)

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